Moving Forward!

The Lake Wichita Revitalization Project continues to surpass expectations and break through roadblocks for our community. Help us to keep moving forward towards excavating our lake by accomplishing the next big step and voting yes for Prop B which will complete the Circle Trail, build a new Pavilion Boardwalk adjacent to the site of the historic Pavilion, and recognize all of those that have served our country with the Veteran’s Memorial Plaza.


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Veteran’s Memorial Plaza

Lake Wichita 


Proposition B – Vote Yes to Support Lake Wichita Shoreline Improvements

The Lake Wichita Revitalization project has made tremendous strides towards making Lake Wichita a thriving reservoir that provides incredible social, recreational, ecosystem, and economic benefits for our community for another 100 years and beyond. These strides include receiving support from more than 3,200 donors, raising more than $4.3million in donations, grants, and other support, and most notably finally garnering the required Corps of Engineers 404 Permit for the project. Proposition B is a huge step towards our ultimate objective of restoring Lake Wichita via excavation. The $3.9million Prop B will take advantage of $1.2million in grants and specific donations to complete three major projects and serve to further invigorate our community.

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Pavilion & Boardwalk

Lake Wichita 

Voting Yes will complete the last leg of the Circle of Trail that has been in progress for more than 30 years. Voting Yes will construct a new Pavilion Boardwalk that provides excellent access to the lake while sharing a piece of our history with future generations. Finally, voting yes will honor our Veterans by providing the remaining dollars needed to construct the Veteran’s Memorial Plaza. The Veteran’s Memorial Plaza will recognize all those that have served our country, it will recognize the families who lost a loved one serving in the military with a Gold Star Families Memorial, and the centerpiece will be the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Statue (provided by the Major Francis Grice Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Wichita Falls native and official Texas State Sculptor Garland Weeks) to remind us to never again treat returning military the way that those returning from Vietnam were treated. The Veteran’s Memorial Plaza will also include the personalized bricks that anyone form our community can purchase to have the special veteran in their life recognized. We humbly request your support in completing these three projects by voting yes to Prop B.

Click here for more information on the Circle Trail

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Circle Trail

Lake Wichita 

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Gold Star Families Memorial

Lake Wichita 


Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Statue

(provided by the Major Francis Grice Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Wichita Falls native and official Texas State Sculptor Garland Weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What about excavation why isn’t it included in Prop B?

Proposition B includes the three projects described above and nominal excavation that is needed around these project areas. While the recommendation to include excavation was made by the Lake Wichita Revitalization Committee to be included in Prop B it did not make it through the City of Wichita Falls Bond workshop process. However, we see passing Prop B and completing these projects as a huge step toward garnering the support required to raise the funds to excavate. With the Corps of Engineers 404 permit in hand, raising the needed funds to excavate Lake Wichita is all that is needed.


2.  How much money has the private sector contributed to Lake Wichita to date? 

Combined from private individuals, businesses, local groups, in-kind donations, and grants the Lake Wichita Revitalization Project has raised more than $4.3million and received more than 3,200 donations.


3. Why are you asking for tax dollars when I heard it would be funded privately?

The project has said all along that it would do its best to raise the needed funds from outside sources and as you can see from FAQ2 we have done quite well, especially for a group of volunteers. Prop B is requesting less ($3.9M) than our group of dedicated volunteers has raised ($4.3M). Passing Prop B will send a message to many private donors and foundations about community support and will ultimately increase private donations. Finally, the lake is owned by the citizens  of our community, it is our lake, it is our life and it is also our responsibility.


4. Why is the Veterans Memorial Plaza part of the Lake Wichita project? 

We feel that Lake Wichita is a perfect place for the Veteran’s Memorial Plaza because it provides a beautiful calming atmosphere that our veterans and their families can come to and reflect. It will also have considerable foot traffic in a relaxed setting which will allow for people to learn more about our history and important role our veterans have served.  


5.  How does Proposition B affect my checkbook? 

See Prop B’s estimated monthly cost for $100,000 home is $0.39, yes 39 cents… that’s 39 of the coins with Abraham Lincoln on them that you never pick up off the ground.


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